Apr 15, 2013

Maxlrainer Leo Weisse

Germany’s Schlossbrauerei Maxlrain has apparently been brewing beer in one form or another since 1636, but this is the first time I have encountered any of the brewery’s products in the U.S. This bottle of Leo Weisse, a 5% ABV hefeweizen, is the first of two that I happened across the other week. And while I’m not the biggest hefe-fan, I actually quite liked this one.

When it comes to beers of this style, many of our domestic versions and even those from Europe tend to leave a bit too much of that tell-tale banana presence behind for my own personal liking. And yes, this one has that element to it, but in a more refined sense. I enjoyed this beer on a rather warm afternoon and it’s bright, refreshing nature was more than enough for me to give it a solid thumbs up and wish that I had purchased more than just the one bottle to review.


Golden straw in color, the brew sits with a massive column of frothy, white foam that eventually settled nicely.


Grains, wheat, light banana and herbal notes fill the nose gently.


The taste of the brew is pretty much right in line with the nose, but with less of the banana character though it does grow stronger in the finish as the beer has had a chance to warm in the glass. There’s also a more pronounced herbal presence to the beer as well, but without any definition to it so as to identify anything specific. It’s easy drinking and fairly soft on the pale with a solid wheaty character that exits clean. Leo Weisse is a bit more medium bodied than most other beers of this style that I’ve had.


This is a wonderfully light and refreshing brew. It’s very easy drinking and unassuming without being boring. I can definitely see myself getting used to having a few bottles of this hefeweisen sitting around in the fridge all Spring long.

Rating: 3.75/5