Jan 19, 2018

UFO Apricadabra

I’m not the biggest fan of the hefeweizen style, but I do have favorites within the genre and can appreciate the refreshing nature they provide. UFO Beer, made by the Mass. Bay Brewing Company (owners of Harpoon, as well), have released a new Spring seasonal that captures that refreshing quality perfectly. Apricadabra is a 4.8% ABV (10 IBU) wheat ale that packs a good amount of fruit juiciness in a small package.

One sniff of this brew provides a solid waft of fruity apricot. In fact, aside from a bit of wheat and hint of yeast, the fruit is all that you can smell and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Thankfully, the fruit takes a step back from the spotlight once the ale hits the tastebuds. This allows the wheat base and yeast traits to shine a bit more as the fruitiness fills in the gaps nicely. Apricadabra easy drinking nature and refreshing character – not to mention the low ABV – make this a beer that is darn near chuggable.

UFO Apricadabra would be a welcome addition to any outdoor event. I can see several cans of this disappearing in a session during the warm months of Spring to come. It’s an easy drinking beer with good flavor (and great aroma) that re-invigorates nicely. As a beer drinker that tends to shy away from hefeweizens, this is one that I wouldn’t mind having again.

This is a review of a promotional sample.