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Captain Lawrence Hudson Valley Harvest Apricot Sour


Captain Lawrence’s reputation certainly preceded the arrival of a couple of their products on local shelves in early March. Sour Apricot is part of the company’s Hudson Valley Harvest series and, as a result of my late arrival to the store, was the only beer from the New York company available for purchase. The 6.5% ABV sour ale is brewed with locally sourced fruit before everything heads into a 40hl foedre.

This tasty, well rounded beer presents an aroma that doesn’t really hint at the wonderfully tart flavors that greet you. The nose is lightly subdued with apricot notes, soft wood and more. There really isn’t much of a tart trait like some sours that cause the mouth to water before even taking the first sip. Once Apricot Sour does hit the lips, however, you’re presented with a lively surge of sour tartness joined by honey, fruitiness, wood and latent herbal notes. The beer displays a refined and clean character from start to finish.

I’m thrilled to have Captain Lawrence shipping to Virginia now and if this wonderfully tart brew is a sign of things to come, I can’t wait to tackle more of their products. Apricot Sour has a solid sour punch, but still retains a decent bit of drinkability and balance — it’s not a palate wrecker by any means.


Captain Lawrence pours a vibrant and golden straw in color with a short lived head of rocky white foam. A thin ring sits around the calm surface.

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