Mar 14, 2013

Sixpoint 3Beans

I don’t drink too much beer that comes my way via aluminum can with one exception. New York’s Sixpoint has consistently delivered extraordinary brews through this delivery mechanism and they are pretty much the only (canning) brewery that sees a regular rotation in my fridge. From their IPAs (like Resin or Bengali Tiger) to the latest treats (Brownstone and Crisp), these guys just make high quality canned beer.

While it wasn’t a no brainer to pick up a four pack of their Baltic Porter, 3Beans — I’ve had a few porters from the can before with mixed results — it certainly was the right direction to go in the end. Infusing cocoa and coffee into the mix, this is one tasty brew!


3Beans pours a dark cola brown with a dense, fluffy head that was light tan in color.


Coffee, caramel, an earthy nuttiness, light roast and a touch of cocoa all come together in this tantalizing aroma.


Ok. This is a tasty brew. It’s full bodied nature lends itself nicely to the coffee, cocoa and that nutty presence that arrive immediately and persist through and appropriately hopped — it is what these guys do best — finish that’s drying and lingers softly. There’s a dcent level of malt sweetness to balance out the light hop bitterness. There isn’t a hint of the beer’s 10% ABV to be found. Smooth!


3Beans isn’t like any other Baltic porter that I’ve had. It sort of misses the mark as far as what I look for in the style, but it more than makes up for it in its own unique fashion. I love the earthy quality that this beer brings to the table and will continue to snatch up cans of it whenever I, well… can.

Rating: 4.25/5

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