Feb 7, 2013

Sixpoint The Crisp

There’s nothing like that first sip of a cool, crisp pilsner, especially if it’s your first beer of the day. There’s just something about the style that just satisfies. Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery knows this as they have the aptly named The Crisp in their year-round line up.

At 5.4% ABV and 42 IBU, The Crisp delivers a refreshing splash of noble hops and malty goodness in perfect harmony with one another. This is a beer that I could sit down with at any time of day or at any venue be it sporting event or hanging out with the family. It’s got great flavor and is a brew you just don’t want to put down.


The Crisp pours a pale amber in color with a large, frothy stack of white foam that displayed good retention and lacing as it dropped.


Grain, biscuity malt, subtle citrus and light, grassy hop notes hint at the tasty treat you are about to enjoy.


Grains and biscuity malt dominate along with a light sweetness from beginning to end. The brew transitions smoothly to a lightly hopped finish that carries a subtle bitterness that tingles the tongue. The beer refreshes wonderfully with it’s active carbonation and light body.


This has got to be one of the most sessionable and morish non-session beers I’ve ever had. It’s reinvigorating nature is addictive. It’s got great flavor, excellent body and deceptive drinkability. This is a beer that will be in constant rotation in my fridge for as long as the brewery continues to make it.

Rating: 4.25/5

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