Sep 24, 2014

Gordon Biersch Pilsner

As much as I love a big chewy stout, there’s just something about a cold pilsner that I find nearly irresistible. The sharpness of the carbonation, the tingle of noble hops and the welcome presence of grain and malt — nothing beats a good pilsner on a hot afternoon. Gordon Biersch know this. That’s why their version of the pilsner hits the spot nicely for my own personal liking.

The 5.2% ABV brew brings plenty of biscuity malt to the party, but also a slightly elevated hop character as per the trend in American craft brewing. The brew isn’t by any means “hoppy,” but it’s got a touch more bite than a more traditional example of the style. In the end, this just makes the beer that much more refreshing and exciting.

Gordon Biersch Pilsner photo


The brew pours a golden amber in color with a large stack of dense, frothy white foam. It certainly looks good in a glass.


Grain, biscuity malt, light toast, distant fruits and grassy hops fill the nose cleanly.


This is a solid pilsner. It’s got a great flavor with low-to-moderate hop bitterness, medium body and carbonation level that’s perhaps a bit softer than most. A clean wave of distant stone fruits, grain, malt and grassy hops present themselves with each sip before fading slowly through the lingering finish that also leaves a touch of sweetness on the lips.


I really like this pilsner from Gordon Biersch. It’s got an excellent presence as well as a little extra something in the hop arena. It’s not a big beer by any means which makes it quite drinkable. I could have gone for a bunch of this over the Summer.

Rating: 3.75/5

This is a review of a promotional sample.

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