Feb 3, 2014

Stone Brewing Punishment

Last week, I published a review for Stone Brewing’s Crime. Now, I must face my Punishment which, in all honesty, wasn’t nearly as bad as the initial crime. The first part of this beery duo was based on the company’s Lukcy Basartd Ale. This second half of the pair uses their Double Bastard as the base before adding the same mix of hot (and ultra-hot) chili peppers.

Perhaps, it’s just me having already subjected my self to a fiery concoction the day before cracking open Punishment or perhaps it’s the slightly sweeter malt presence of Double Bastard, but this beer didn’t come across quite as potent as it’s sibling. Yes, it brings a ton of heat to the party, but it’s not a brutally hot as Crime. The influence of barrel aging is also more prevalent here.


Punishment pours a malevolent copper in color with a small head of bight foam that disappeared quickly.



Just like Crime, this beer smells wicked. Chili peppers dominate as the smallest hints of wood and hops fight for a bit of attention.


As stated above, Punishment doesn’t come across as aggressively hot as Crime did. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that this beer isn’t hot. It really is, just not to the levels that I experienced with Crime. The bourbon influence comes through a bit more, mostly in the lingering finish as the hop bitterness fades slowly along with the heat.


I prefer Punishment over Crime. I think it’s more drinkable than its partner and brings a more bourbony character to its fierce heat. All in all, I’m glad that I tried both beers, but I don’t really see the need to purchase them again in the future. I’d much rather have a Double Bastard that’s got a few years in the cellar — it’s a much more enjoyable experience.

Rating: 3.75/5

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