Feb 6, 2014

Terrapin White Chocolate Moo-Hoo

It’s been almost two years since I last ran across Terrapin’s Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout. It was a beer that drank smooth and creamy with quite the chocolaty presences. Perhaps a bit too much which may be why I haven’t really sought it out since that review was published. Well, if the company makes their White Chocolate Moo-Hoo more readily available, I can certainly see this version of the beer making more of an appearance in the Barley household.

This 6% ABV milk stout takes the brewery’s original recipe and adds in another layer of white chocolate. The result is a beer that is slightly less sweet than the original, but is just as smooth and decadent. And just like the original, White Chocolate Moo-Hoo isn’t a beer that I personally can have more than one of in a sitting. It’s just too rich for more than one which makes it ideal for an after dinner dessert.


The beer pours black as night with a short-lived cap of dark brown foam.

Terrapin White Chocolate Moo-Hoo photo


Roast coffee, dark malt, chocolate, milk and a touch of earthiness combine for a nose that is as welcoming as it is rich.


The moderate roast, coffee, soft cocoa, subtle vanilla and lactose all arrive at once in a swath of decadence. The beer is quite soft on the palate and smooth as a hint of bitterness arrives late in the lingering finish. The beer isn’t overly sweet, but still carries a dessert like character that lasts a good long while after each sip.


I liked the standard Moo-Hoo, but this version with the hint of vanilla and lighter sweetness is probably my favorite of the two. Like I stated in the intro, if this version were more readily available, it would show up much more often in my fridge. As it stands, it’s a limited release beer that I would happily seek out again in the future.

Rating: 4/5

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