Sep 15, 2015

Adroit Theory Imagination Atrophy

I’ve had my fair share of Adroit Theory products by now and there’s one thing that I’ve noticed that they all tend to share in common. Most are excellent beers, but do not necessarily represent the style that may accompany the brew on the bottle label. An imperial IPA drinks more like an American strong ale… you get the idea.

This 7% ABV milk/creme stout however is the first that I’ve encountered from the company that presents itself as outlined on the bottle. Imagination Atrophy is described as a “caramel macchiato milk stout” and I’ll be damned if Adroit Theory didn’t peg that one perfectly. The brew is rich, chocolaty and wonderfully decadent.


The beer pours a near opaque, dark brown in color with a dense crown of tan foam.

Adroit Theory Imagination Atrophy photo


Cocoa, a soft roast, moderate amount of lactose, distant vanilla and caramel combine for an inviting aroma.


Rich cocoa and soft caramel arrive immediately while a smooth roast, touch of coffee, milk and a faint, earthy cigar presence arrive shortly thereafter. Vanilla and a decent bit of sweetness are also in the mix. Imagination Atrophy isn’t as cloying as, say, Southern Tiers Creme Brûlée, but it still has a good amount of sweetness lingering after each sip. The medium bodied beer finishes lightly drying.


Imagination Atrophy is probably the most complete beer that I’ve had from Adroit Theory thus far. It’s not their best mind you, but from start to finish, it is what they say it is. Sweet and decadent, this brew is ideal for sipping after a full dinner or just lingering out in the chilly night air listening to the last of the season’s crickets.

Rating: 3.75/5

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