Jun 3, 2015

Founders Blushing Monk

Blushing Monk is a beer that Founders Brewing has released only sporadically in the past decade or so. In fact, the last time this 9.2% ABV Kriek was let loose on the public was back in 2011. I don’t recall having crossed paths with it back then, but when I saw it on shelves in March of this year, I had to snag a bottle — I’m now kicking myself for not having purchased more.

The thing about a beer like Blushing Monk is that it’s pretty good now. Give it a chance to sit, though, and the potential it presently has could turn into something delectable in a few years. The warming alcohol will fade some, the moderate tartness will mellow and the fruit may come out even more than it already does, making for a tasty, Summer-time treat. I really should have bought more.


The brew pours a slightly purplish garnet in color with a pink-tinged cap of foam that fell to a thin collar around the surface.

Founders Blushing Monk


Raspberries lead the way for a hint of tartness, soft yeast and juicy fruits. Maybe a touch of alcohol tingling there in the end.


Fruity raspberries, yeast a solid amount of lip-smacking sweetness and a decent bit of tartness greet you with every sip. The flavors fade slowly through the lightly drying and chest-warming finish. It’s definitely on the sweet end, but not in a kids’ fruit juice sort of fashion — the raspberry tartness helps counter balance.


Billed as the big brother/sister to the company’s Rübæus, Blushing Monk certainly is that in every regard. It’s sweeter, more tart and definitely more potent. I’ve set aside Rübæus for a year or so and it’s managed just fine so I can only imagine that this big brew would probably fair ever better. Now, I just need to find a couple of bottles.

Rating: 4/5

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