Feb 27, 2015

Hardywood Pils

The humble pilsner is one of those styles that gets tossed to the wayside more often than it should — especially in the U.S. At least, that’s how it appears to this beer drinker.

So when I run into a beer like Hardywood Pils, it brings joy to my heart that there are still brewers willing to embrace this style of beer without throwing an obscene amount of hops at it or some other adjunct. This 5.2% ABV (and 35 IBU) brew is just about spot-on for the style.

Pils is crafted in strict accordance to Reinheitsgebot and uses European malt along with German noble hops (Hallertau). The result is a beer that is crisp and refreshing with excellent balance. Needless to say, the six pack I purchased did not last long.


Hardywood Pils pours crystal clear gold with a frothy crown of white foam.

Hardywood Pils photo


Biscuity, light grain notes, stone fruit (apple skin), a soft toast and light, grassy hops all combine for an inviting and enticing aroma.


Immediately crisp with a light hop bite and balancing biscuity character, Pils washes over the palate smoothly. Hints of grain, leafy hops, crackers and distant fruit are present throughout the experience. The beer is well rounded and refreshing as it fades ever-so-slowing to a lightly drying finish.


Hardywood Pils is a solid example of a style that I love. It’s best on a hot Virginia afternoon in the middle of the Summer, but as this brew shows, it’s also wonderfully refreshing on the coldest Winter evening. The brewery’s Singel is typically my go-to product from them, but it may be usurped by this modest, full flavored pilsner.

Rating: 4/5

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