Sep 29, 2015

Stillwater The Devil is People

The Devil Is People is my first “tart/sour/wild” brew from Stillwater Artisanal Ales. And while I really bought this beer for the “smoke” on the label, the tartness was also a welcome presence. This collaborative effort between the gypsy brewer and a couple of underground musicians is presented as a gose, but — as many modern brewers have been stating lately — is not brewed to style.

The 6.66% ABV ale is brewed with smoked wheat that really doesn’t come put all that much until the beer has had a good long while to warm up. Even then, it’s still pretty subtle. The tartness is solidly abrasive at first and takes a few sips to grow accustomed to. Once everything settles down, you’re treated to a wonderfully diverse beer that is wild and unpredictable.


The Devil Is People pours with an unstable, rocky cap of white foam that drops quickly atop the light gold brew.

Stillwater The Devil is People photo


Lemons, grain, sour notes, but not much else, let alone smoke.


Dang! The sour tartness explodes over the palate immediately before quickly dropping away, leaving behind a dryness and slight grip on the tongue. There’s a surprising amount of sweetness to be found here, as well. I don’t pick up any smoke initially within the crisp brew, but after about half the glass has disappeared, it begins to show slightly.


I was more in the mood for some smoke than wild sourness, but I’ll take that just the same. This is not a beer for novice sour fans. It’s abrasively tart with a lasting finish. For those of your more adventurous drinkers this is one to check out.

Rating: 4/5

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