Jul 26, 2016

Cascade Sang Noir

I think at this point, I’ve had a couple of Cascade’s products — at least I think that this is the fifth bottle from my first purchase of their brews. Sang Noir (2014 project), a 9.2% ABV wile ale, spent over a year in Pinot and whiskey barrels before a final blend with Bing cherries. The combination of those major elements has produced a beer that is rich and dynamic with more than enough layers of flavor and depth than you can shake a stick at. And yet, Sang Noir is also, to this point, the most approachable of the company’s beers I’ve had thus far.

Thanks to a level of sour tartness that isn’t quite as strong as its siblings, as well, as a wonderful combination of whiskey and vinous influences, have given this beer a presentation that is tart, but not too tart as to fatigue the palate. Sang Noir presents the aforementioned barrel traits, wood, dark cherries, a soft level of sweetness and a wonderfully, well-rounded tartness in a dark, yet smooth package.

I’ve enjoyed all of Cascade’s beers that I’ve opened thus far. While Sang Noir may not pack the tongue buckling tartness of some of the others, its more accessible nature makes for an easier drinking experience — one that rewards on many levels. I hope this project comes back around in a couple of years, or at least, maybe I find another bottle of it.