Nov 28, 2016

Harpoon Hoppy Adventure

Harpoon’s Hoppy Adventure has been available on draft periodically since 2014, but is only now just recently available in cans. The big (7.8% ABV) double IPA is of the modern variety — it’s got a smooth array of fruity flavors without the typical hop bite the style has been known for in the past. It’s a new world for double and imperial IPAs.

Personally, I like a solid hop bite in my double IPAs, but the variety of peachy notes, grapefruit and other tropical fruits the beer presents are quite pleasing. A lightly flowery trait and a hint of honey join the party in both the aroma and flavor as the beer warms in the glass a bit. A moderate amount of malt sweetness helps keep the hop profile and bite in check, as well, creating a well balanced drinking experience.

Hoppy Adventure is a decent beer. It’s got a nice array of fruity flavors and a deceptive drinkability that helps the beer go down smoothly. Personally, I prefer a bit more bitterness when I crack open a double IPA, but it appears as though those examples of the style may be a dying breed. Harpoon have themselves a smooth and tasty beer with Hoppy Adventure.

This is a review of a promotional sample.