Jun 6, 2016

Highland Brewing Pilsner

I love IPAs and big, roasty stouts, but there is nothing — nothing! — like a clean, crisp pilsner after hours of sitting out in the heat of the day. The balanced flavors of grain, that yeast and fruits along with that crips, refreshing mouthfeel is perfect for reinvigorating the soul. And Highland Brewing’s own Pilsner is right in line with what I love about this genre.

Brewed with a grist of Best Pils and a blend of Perle, Saphir, Hallertau Blanc and Hersbucker hop varieties, this 5.5% ABV (35 IBU) pilsner has a great flavor and an even presentation that allows each element to show through without dominating the rest. The lightly sweet malt delivers hints of honey and crackers while the hop combination of the four hop varieties provides hints of pepper, a touch of grass and an appropriate bite that counters the malt presence well.

The well rounded nature of Highland Pilsner makes it a great beer for just about any time of year or any weather condition, but I prefer my pilsners on a hot afternoon — they make for a great refresher. And this brew is no exception, especially after a long weekend of sitting out in the sun enjoying the kid’s last soccer tournament of the season. If only I had a few more of these tasty brews with which to celebrate.

This is a review of a promotional sample.