Nov 16, 2016

RAR Brewing Pulp

Pulp is my first introduction to RAR Brewing out of Cambridge, MD. This crowler arrived at my work desk a scant six days after it was filled thanks to an awesome coworker. This 6.2% ABV (65 IBU) American pale al certainly made one hell of an introduction the instant it was opened.

Luscious tropical fruits filled the air as I poured the unfiltered brew into the glass. Pineapple, grapefruit, a hint of orange and touch of lemon zest tantalize the senses cleanly both in terms of aroma and flavor. The beer isn’t just a fruit juice bomb, however, as a welcome amount of pine and backing cereal notes are all present throughout. The medium bodied Pulp goes down incredibly smoothly with a lingering hop bitterness that tingles gently, fading very slowly in the lightly drying finish.

If all of RAR Brewing’s beers are like Pulp, then I’m going to have to make a quick pilgrimage to the brewery to check out the rest of their offerings. This is an outstanding beer with excellent flavor and smooth drinking nature. It’s smooth combination of classic pale ale flavors with a new school fruit-forward mentality.