Aug 14, 2017

Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Citrus

“Citrus” might not be strong enough a word for this particular release from Almanac Beer. With an array of ingredients including the zest of Buddha’s hand and meyer lemons in addition to yuzu and blood oranges Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Citrus is packed with, well, a ton of citrusy goodness. The 6.8% ABV beer has also been aged in oak barrels with the company’s blend of wild Belgian and American yeasts.

The result of all those ingredients is one that creates an outstanding experience. I love the array of citrusy flavors — the meyer lemon and and blood oranges stand out the most — that layer upon one another along with a moderate sour tartness thank to that blend of wild yeast. Bright zesty flavors lead the way for that welcoming tartness as old wood and vinous notes linger at the edges with each sip.

Refreshing and satisfying, Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Citrus is a lively and full-flavored sour ale. A moderate amount of tartness keeps the beer in a fairly approachable realm for those new to the style and citrus notes tumble playfully over one another with each sip. I cracked this one open just about as soon as I purchased it, but this is one that should continue to develop nicely with proper cellaring.