Jun 27, 2017

Almanac Hoppy Sour: Citra

I’m not sure ho long Almanac Beer has been making dry-hopped sour ales, but I’ve noticed a little something the past couple of months. Perhaps it’s just my personal buying habits or maybe it’s a bit of a micro-trend, but I’ve encountered more dry-hopped or hoppy sours and sour IPAs in the first half of 2017 than I have in, well, ever really. I suppose it was bound to happen — the craft beer world loves hopping the hell out of just about any style. And so, we have a beer like Hoppy Sour: Citra.

This 6.8% ABV sour ale was allowed to mature in retired wine barrels before it was dry-hopped with, you guessed it, Citra hops. I honestly was skeptical when I first picked up this beer, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a darn good sour ale. Most of the Citra influence is throughout the aroma, taking over your nasal passages with lemony citrus, grass and a touch of cattiness. As expected with dry-hopping, the the hops take a step back in the flavor, allowing that base sour blonde to shine with a solid sour pucker, distant wood and latent vinous notes. All before wrapping in the long lasting and moderately drying finish.

I had my doubts at first, as not everything that’s been overly hopped equates to a good beer. That’s not the case with Hoppy Sour: Citra — this brew delivers all that you want in a sour ale in conjunction with a tempered hop influence that keeps your tastebuds on their toes. It’s quite tasty, refreshing and packs a solid level of tartness. I’ll keep my eyes out for more of this one.