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Commonwealth Tapestry


Virginia’s Commonwealth Brewing knows how to make a solid IPA — across the entire flavor spectrum. So when I spied this big bottle of Tapestry, a 7.1% ABV sour ale, on shelves during a recent beer run, I wasn’t sure about picking it up. I’m a huge fan of the IPAs the company is known for crafting and I didn’t want to tarnish that relationship. Curiosity, thankfully, got the better of me and I ended up being treated to a pretty solid drinking experience.

Tapestry’s aroma let’s you know right away that you’re going to be in for a tart ride. The sour traits on the nose cause the mouth to water immediately while a blend of plum and raspberry, as well as a hint of wood fill in behind. The beer isn’t all that attractive looking, but the smells wafting from its murky surface help make up for that.

That sour tartness on the nose isn’t quite as potent once the beer hits the tastebuds. It still packs a solid punch, but won’t peel the enamel from your teeth with each sip. A welcome blend of wood and fruit (both raspberry and plum) play a solid role in the flavor profile as a hint of vinous notes linger lightly in the background. The medium bodied beer has a soft sweetness as everything fades slowly to a long lasting and fruity finish.

Tapestry may not be the most attractive brew, but it was a pleasant surprise. I’m not sure if I’ll swap out any of the company’s IPAs for this tasty sour, but it still impressed when all was said and done. The flavors and potent tartness worked well with one another and didn’t cause any blemishes on the company’s reputation. I may have to check out more of the company’s sour products.


Tapestry is an ugly beer. It looks like a murky, muted prune juice. A small head of beige foam forms noisily before dropping swiftly to nothing.

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