Feb 8, 2017

Evil Genius Pure Genius Chocolate Stout

This bottle of Evil Genius’ Pure Genius Chocolate Stout tagged along with the unearthed bottle of Lake Placid Nippletop that a co-worker passed along to me back in November. It too was part of a gift pack he received a couple of years ago, long forgotten in the back of the fridge. And, much like Lake Placid’s bottle, this one has also managed to hold together well enough, though I can’t imagine it being all that much different now than when it was fresh.

As indicated on the label, Pure Genius is a stout brewed with chocolate — a lot of chocolate. Aside from a bit of grain and coffee that makes an appearance once you start drinking, it’s a pretty one-dimensional beer. It runs its course right down the middle of the road in a rather unassuming presentation, which I suppose is better than being too cloying considering the strength of the cocoa here.

This bottle of Pure Genius has, as stated above, held up pretty well. I can’t imagine it offering up much more than it currently does, however, as it’s a pretty straightforward beer. I’m sure some of it has faded over the year or so that it’s been sitting in that fridge. Still, that didn’t stop me from drinking it.