Feb 6, 2017

Lake Placid Nippletop

A co-worker of mine recently dug this bottle of Lake Placid Nippletop out of the back of his fridge. He received it as part of a gift box shortly after it was originally released in 2014-2015 and figured I’d be foolish enough to crack it open. And I was. This bottle of milk stout certainly isn’t the oldest bottle of beer I’ve ever opened and, given the style, I knew it had a pretty decent chance of holding up despite its lower 4.7% ABV.

And it has held up well enough. Cardboard has certainly crept in around the edges of this bottle of Nippletop, but for the most part it hasn’t adversely affected the overall flavor. Cocoa, a moderate roast, faded lactose, and light coffee all present themselves well from start to finish. There’s a touch of bitterness that lingers gently after each sip. It’s actually not half bad.

I wasn’t going to post a review of this beer as I wasn’t the one that stored it for the past couple of years, but since it turned out as well as it did, I figured what the hell. This particular bottle of Nippletop isn’t the best beer by any means, but it shows how well a beer can hold up even after an extended period after packaging.