Jun 16, 2017

Unknown Brewing Pre Game

Back in mid-March, the kid and I took an impromptu road trip down to The Outer Banks for a few days away from the chaos that is the D.C. metro area. It was a much needed break, one that not only allowed us to forget some worries and relax. It also allowed me to seek out some local North Carolina brews that don’t make their way north, much like this can of Unknown Brewing Pre Game, a low alcohol pale ale.

It was the can’s simple artwork that original drew my gaze, but it was the first pour that really caught my attention. As you can see by the photos to the right, the gentle pour resulted in a glass just about full of nothing but foam. It took a while for everything to settle down and I could start drinking. And, as expected, the beer has a very prickly, sharp mouthfeel that indicates, perhaps, that there’s a bit too much carbonation here. The flavors are subdued, but still present lemony zest, herbal hops and crackers as the beer washes briskly over the tongue.

Aside from the carbonation issues notes above, Pre Game is a fairly straightforward and unassuming little brew. At 4.5% ABV it goes down quickly and won’t cause too much damage in the long run, leaving a refreshing quality in its wake. I just wish it were a bit more flavorful.