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Surly Liquid Stardust Sparkling IPA


Each Winter, Surly Brewing releases their annual Frost Pack. The annual package features a variety of products from their flagship Furious to newly released items like Liquid Stardust Sparkling IPA. Now, an IPA isn’t what I would call seasonally appropriate for a Winter-themed variety pack, but I understand the necessity to include an example or two of the style. When the months are dark, dreary and cold — as was the November afternoon during which I cracked open this can — you need a mental escape. This 7% ABV IPA does just that.

Liquid Stardust is packed with tropical fruit notes from the aroma to lingering finish. Lemony citrus, pineapple and grapefruit all present flavors that will immediately have you thinking of the warm Summer months. A healthy does of resinous pine keeps the IPA from becoming overly fruit-juicy. The lightly sharp (more so than effervescent) mouthfeel reinvigorates the tastebuds, offering a snappy liveliness. A light-to-moderate hop bitterness refreshes well as you dare to dream of picnics and, yes, even mowing the yard in the hot sun.

I thoroughly enjoyed the escape that Surly’s Liquid Stardust provided, especially considering the weather, as well as all of the heavier porters and stouts that I’ve been consuming the past week or so. The refreshing flavors and lively nature of the IPA definitely serve their purpose, providing the required proof needed for their inclusion in the company’s Winter seasonal pack. Now, the question remains as to whether this one will be available in warmer months.

This is a review of a promotional sample.


Hazy, pale straw in color with a small, dense cap of white foam.

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