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Mar 31, 2015

Adroit Theory Tenebris

While I’ve only had a few of their beers, I’ve been a big fan of Adroit Theory’s label artwork and naming convention. […]

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Feb 18, 2015

2015 Stone Brewing Old Guardian (Classic Release)

I normally purchase a bottle or three of Stone’s Old Guardian to set aside each year — I’ve enjoyed it enough times […]

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Jan 15, 2015

Brooklyn Hand & Seal

It’s seems that I’ve been lucky enough to come across a string of world-class beers this Winter. Brooklyn Brewery’s Hand & Seal […]

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Jun 18, 2014

Lost Rhino 2200 Lbs of Sin

Lost Rhino’s 2200 Lbs of Sin is billed as an English-style barleywine, but at 9.2% ABV and a whopping 96 IBU, this […]

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Jun 17, 2014

North Coast Class of ’88 Barleywine

I was just knee deep into 13 years of age in 1988 — the year that Rogue Ales, North Coast and Deschutes […]

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Jun 12, 2014

Starr Hill Bandstand Barleywine

Starr Hill once made a barleywine called All Access that was a limited, one-off release. I’m assuming that since Bandstand Barleywine is […]

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May 29, 2014

Breckenridge Batch #1 Barleywine

Well, this is a little embarrassing. Apparently, I’ve forgotten to post a review of Breckenridge Brewery’s excellent Batch #1 Barleywine. I had […]

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Mar 28, 2014

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Barleywine Ale

When I first got wind of Goose Island’s Bourbon Country Brand Barleywine, I knew that there would be a slim-to-no-chance of procuring […]

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Feb 21, 2014

Left Hand Brewing Widdershins Barleywine

wid·der·shins: in a left-handed, wrong, or contrary direction I don’t thinks Left Hand Brewing could have selected a cooler name for their […]

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Feb 21, 2014

Breckenridge Brewery Releases Barleywine Batch #1

Press Release Denver, CO – February 20th, 2014 – Breckenridge Brewery debuted Barleywine Batch #1 at the Vail Big Beers, Belgians and […]

Jan 21, 2014

21st Amendment Lower de Boom

I’ve seen 21st Amendment’s Lower de Boom barleywine for a few months now on local shelves, but the price point has always […]

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Jan 3, 2014

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Fermentation Time-Lapse

Check out the fermentation activity of one of my all-time favorite brews below. Awesome.