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2008 Archive

Aug 18, 2008

Stoudt’s Double IPA

I’ve been on an IPA kick of sorts in the old homestead the past couple of weeks. Near perfect August weather will […]

Aug 13, 2008


This Beerdolier will go great with my Rambo III headband and fake abs costume. (Via)

Aug 13, 2008

Coney Island Sword Swallower

Most of the Shmaltz Brewing beers that I’ve had in the past have been through their He’brew line of products. This is […]

Aug 11, 2008


I’ve had some gnarly email issues today, so this press release from Flying Dog just got to me. I don’t know if […]

Aug 7, 2008

Big Meeting. Bigger Stout

Man, there’s only one way to relax after an 11 hour staff meeting — a full glass of Bell’s Expedition Stout. And […]

Aug 4, 2008

Session #19 – Deutsches Bier

Jim at lootcorp has just announced the topic for next month’s Session. “You can write about a particular German style you really […]

Aug 4, 2008

Session 18 Spam Filtering

It appears as though WordPress’ Akismet spam filter got a little cranky this weekend. Perhaps it celebrated a bit too much in […]

Aug 4, 2008

Stone 08.08.08 Vertical Epic Ale

The next batch of Vertical Epic beers from Stone is already hitting some stores. Keep your eyes peeled.

Aug 3, 2008

Session 18 Round-up

Update It looks like I did in fact miss a couple of post so far. Check them out at the bottom of […]

Aug 1, 2008

Session 18: Happy Anniversary

There used to be a time when my wife and I used to celebrate birthdays and other annual occasions with a nice […]

Jul 31, 2008

Dominion Octoberfest

Is it really that time of year already? I can’t believe I’ve been seeing Octoberfest brews and Fall seasonals so soon. I […]

Jul 30, 2008

A Pub Inside a Tree

Well this pub inside of an ancient Baobob tree certainly blows away my idea of a backyard tree fort/bar. Damn.