Jul 15, 2009

Founders Double Trouble

My four year old daughter loves the label for Founders Brewing Imperial IPA, Double Trouble. The two faces in one illusion is a classic optical effect that she is astounded over each time she sees it. While I dig the label, as well, it’s the beer behind it that I really enjoy.

This is the third beer from the Michigan brewery that my local shop has been carrying and, even though I prefer the company’s Centennial IPA, it is certainly a tasty addition to the refrigerator. Weighing in at over 9% ABV, it is, however, a beer to be savored and enjoyed slowly.

Beer Label: Bison Brewing's Honey Basil


Double Trouble pours a hazy, pale golden in color with a relatively thin head that left plenty of lacing..


Aromatic hops abound with this beer. Your nose is instantly filled with lemons, grapefruit, and light spices with a clean, pleasing finish. It’s got a slight biscuity presence along with its resinous character.


First and foremost the hops hit quickly, but not too aggressively on each sip — a nice malt backing helps tame the hop bite a bit. There’s a nice spicy/peppery tingle with plenty of citrus notes. The finish is rather dry (with a slight pucker) that lingers nicely on the tongue for a good bit.


While I think I prefer the more restrained and drinkable Centennial IPA from Founders, this one is certainly a nice treat to enjoy every now and again. A cold, crisp bottle on the deck after a hot day of yard work sounds nearly perfect for the right time to imbibe in a Double Trouble.

Rating: 3.5/5

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