Oct 14, 2010

Heavy Seas Prosit!

I have not been drinking nearly enough Oktoberfest oriented brews this season. I’m a little disappointed in myself to tell you the truth. Usually by this time I’ve had an Avery Kaiser or two along with plenty of Spaten or Paulaner, but I just haven’t been into the style as much as I normally am this time of year. Hopefully, this Heavy Seas Prosit! will give me the kick start I need.

Heavy Seas Prosit!Heavy Seas Prosit! in the basement

This Oktoberfest styled brew uses five separate types of grain (Vienna and Munich malts are in the mix), as well as a secret malt that the brewery keeps deep in Davy Jones’ locker. Coming in at about 9% ABV, it’s a dangerous, yet surprisingly drinkable product.


Prosit! pours a copper-tinted amber in color with a large, light tan head that faded to a thin film.


You can definitely smell all the malt that’s been thrown into this beer. There’s a caramel character that is joined by light fruits and subtle hops that come in late to balance it all out nicely. There’s a hint of booziness on the nose.


Tasty. The malt-heavy brew starts off with the sweet caramel malts before allowing a hop component that lingers in the finish. The hopes aren’t biting, but do offer enough of a bitterness to let you know that they’re there. The higher ABV does provide a slight warming glow, yet the beer is quite drinkable — dangerously so.


I enjoyed this brew. It’s not as robust as some or as traditional as others. It’s right in the middle somewhere in terms of it’s overall flavors. Aside from the higher alcohol presence it’s a pretty accessible and easy to drink.

Rating: 3/5

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