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2010 Archive

Feb 11, 2010

Century-old Whisky Found in Antarctic

I meant to post some news on this when I first heard about it, but for some reason never did. At any […]

Feb 9, 2010

Southern Tier oat Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Southern Tier is one of those companies that I seem to be drawn toward more and more when scanning the shelves of […]

Feb 9, 2010

Session #37 Announced

Man, the snow messed up my plans for this past Session. Lucky for me I raid my “cellar” on a weekly basis, […]

Feb 4, 2010

Beer Photo: No Opener. No Problem.

I’m not sure I’d be able to make it through the second bottle, let along mentally deal with the potential loss of […]

Feb 4, 2010

AB InBev US Sales Drop in January

The new year is not off to a good start for AB InBev. The U.S. sales for the company were down 12.2% […]

Feb 3, 2010

Avery Mephistopheles’ Stout

The story behind this brew, or rather this particular bottle of Avery’s Mephistopheles’ Stout, was an interesting one. I purchased it back […]

Feb 2, 2010

Shipyard Brewer’s Brown Ale

This brown ale from Shipyard Brewery was originally released back in 2006 under a slightly different name, but it appears as though […]

Feb 1, 2010

Shmaltz Brewing Announces Return of Human Blockhead and Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A.

I just received a couple of updates from Shmaltz Brewing: The Return of Coney Island Human Blockhead™ Pound for pound, Coney Island […]

Jan 31, 2010

Let the High ABV Beer Wars Commence!!

Only near weeks after Scotland’s BrewDog announced that they had broken the world record for alcohol content in a beer, Schorschbräu hit […]

Jan 29, 2010

Beer Photo: Whopper Bar

I do love me a Whopper. And beer. But… I don’t believe I’ll be ordering a shiny blue Bud Light with my […]

Jan 28, 2010

Straffe Hendrik Bruges Triple Ale

Any time I see a new beer on the shelves of my local shop, I’m going to get at least one bottle. […]

Jan 28, 2010

RateBeer’s Best of 2010

I’m not sure how you can effectively build a list of the best breweries only a month into the year, but RateBeer […]