Jan 10, 2012

21st Amendment Back in Black

Back in Black photo

While I’m not a huge fan of black IPAs (or whatever you wish to call them), there have been a few that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Southern Tier’s Iniquity, Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet and Stone Brewing’s ridiculously named offering were those that came to mind almost immediately. Well, I can safely add a fourth beer to that list with 21st Amendment’s Back in Black.

Not only is the artwork on this can pretty damn cool (the blown out photo above does it no justice), but the beer within it’s confines is pretty damned tasty, as well. Roast coffee and piney, citrusy hops coexist in nearly perfect harmony from start to finish. At 6.8% ABV, the beer backs a decent bit of potency, but medium body and slightly creamy mouthfeel make for an easy drinking treat.


Back in Black pours a dark, dark brown with a full tan head that fell slowly to impressive lacing.


Roast coffee and dark malts take up the majority of the nose while piney hops, grapefruit and a touch of cocoa join in for the fun.


The beer starts off with rich, roasted malts, hints of coffee and chocolate before smoothly transitioning to a nicely hopped finish. The hops have a fruity, piney character that suite the roasted nature of the beer nicely. It’s definitely creamier than more IPA-based brews I’ve had — this makes for a deceptively smooth drinking beer. The alcohol is masked well.


Again, Black IPAs aren’t generally a beer I go for, but I can see myself writing an exception to that rule with this brew from 21st Amendment. Their Back in Black is rich, roasty and hoppy — everything I would look for in this style of beer. And, despite it’s 6.8% ABV, is scary drinkable. After a few of them, you just might be riding a beast of a motorcycle in the dead of night through your neighborhood — or at least you neighbor’s moped, depending on how many cans you empty.


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