Mar 19, 2018

21st Amendment Baby Horse

I love a good Belgian-style quadrupel, especially one that warms softly and provides a rich flavor profile. 21st Amendment’s Baby Horse is just that and more. As the first example of this style packaged in a can that I’ve ever come across, I was initially skeptical with my purchase. That all washed away once the beer’s aroma filled the immediate area right after pouring it into a goblet.

The brewery declares on the label artwork that this 9.5% ABV Belgian-style ale was brewed with a “malt bill equal to the weight of a baby horse.” Well,
it’s certainly got the expected richness, as well as a moderate level of sweetness, but thankfully, this is not a one-sided experience. That malt backbone co-mingles wonderfully with yeast, spice notes, caramel and dark fruits. Everything peaks smoothly before slowly leaving for the lasting and warming finish.

I think, at this point in my relationship with 21st Amendment, it’s time I stop worrying about the types of beer they lovingly put into cans. Each beer that I’ve had from the company in recent years has been outstanding and Baby Horse is another in that long line of brews. The rich and flavorful quadrupel impresses mightily without steering too far from the traditional path. Had this beer been in bottles, I probably would have been tempted to cellar a few, but the beer is absolutely wonderful as is, so I’m cool with drinking it fresh.