Nov 26, 2012

Flying Dog K-9 Winter Ale

Ah, the cold weather has finally arrived in full bluster around the homestead. Temperatures are dipping down into the low 30s at night and the truck takes a little bit more time to warm up for the morning commute. Tis the season for Winter brews!

The last time I had this beer, it was known as K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale, but the promotional bottle I received was lacking the “Cruiser” portion. I’m not sure why that is and, honestly, I don’t care. The malty goodness (which is different for every seasonal release) within the bottle is just as tasty as it has been in years past. The 7.4% winter warmer carries a subtle spice within the malt depths and warms the core nicely on even the coldest night.


The beer pours a deep amber in color with a long lasting, tawny cap of foam.


Since the malt bill of the brew (and the hop varieties for that matter) change year-to-year, this brew is never really the same as it was in years prior. That said, there is some consistency to the brew and that’s usually the caramel malt presence of the style. A light toast, subtle spices, grain and a touch of grassy hops also join in on the seasonal fun.


The brew starts off nicely with plenty of caramel malt and a light toast that transitions smoothly through grassy hops that also bring a light bitterness to the table. Latent, subtle spices linger in the slightly sweet finish. For the elevated alcohol content, the beer is deceptively drinkable even as it leaves a distant glow in the chest.


This isn’t my favorite Flying Dog Brew (Hi, Kujo!), but it does serve its purpose well, warming the soul on a cold evening. The malt profile is spot on for the style and the additional hop character balances everything out nicely.

Rating: 3.75/5

This is a review of a promotional sample from the brewery.

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