Mar 5, 2012

Long Trail Hibernator

Long Trail Hibernator

Ever since coming across a bottle of Long Trail Ales Imperial Porter back in January of last year, I pretty much grab a bottle of everything else I see from this Vermont company. I’ve been pleased with just about each product of theirs that I’ve tried. So, it was a no-brainer when I spied a bottle of this 6% SBV Scottish Ale back in February.

Much like the brewery’s Imperial Porter, Hibernator also carries a slightly elevated hop presence. It’s not an amount that calls for the beer’s style to be changed, but there’s enough of a grassy hop character to let you know that it’s got a handful or two more than normal.


Hibernator pours a hazy copper in color with a decent sized head that fell to impressive lacing on the glass.


Earthy, malty, subtle roast, a touch of spice and with a light component of grassy hops.


It’s not as “peaty” has many Scottish Ales that I’ve had in the past, but it still carries an excellent roast malt character. Smooth, earth malts combine with caramel and light grassy hops to create a solidly balanced beer with just a hint of a hop bite. A relatively soft level of carbonation, a medium body and the slightly elevated alcohol content make for a smooth drinking beer that warms just enough to take the chill off.


The additional amount of a hop presence on this beer was a nice surprise, much like it was the first time I had the brewery’s Imperial Porter. It’s not an overwhelming presence mind you, but just enough to give the beer a unique character. I will continue to keep an eye out for these guys on the shelves on any future trips to my local beer store — especially, if they keep make solid, quality craft brew like this.


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