Dec 12, 2013

DuClaw Brewing Oz Fractional IPA

DuClaw Brewing’s Oz Fractional IPA is a beer in the same vein as say, Stone Brewing’s Levitation. Both breweries take a crack at a full-flavored IPA that is low enough in alcohol weight that one could still have a couple in a sitting without the fear of waking up in a ditch without your pants. Well, I suppose that same scenario could be reached given enough bottles, pints or what-have-you of each beer, but you get the idea.

Oz Fractional IPA is a 4.4% ABV (53 IBU) IPA that is brewed with a potent blend of Simcoe and Citra hop varieties. The result is a sessionable beer that packs in plenty of grassy, herbal traits and a decent amount of bitterness to let you know it’s still an IPA.


A short-lived cap of white foam drops quickly to thin surface cover above the golden colored brew.


Grassy, herbal hops arrive immediately with a decent amount of grapefruit and light pine notes. Grain and toasted bread are present, as well.


There’s a more pronounced citrus presence once the beer hits your lips. That earthy, grassy character quickly washes in with a soft amount of pine resin. The bitterness is of a medium-to-high level, but doesn’t do too much damage to the palate as it smoothly transitions to a gentle tingle in the lasting finish. A bready malt character starts to come through more as the beer has had a chance to settle in the glass. The beer drinks light with a crisp and refreshing nature.


This is a decent little beer. It’s not as full-flavored as a “standard” IPA, but as far as brews in this sessionable range of ABV, it’s pretty darn tasty. The lower potency and crisp, hoppy nature of this brew make a good sell for picnics and ball games. Oz Fractional IPA has a refreshing character that is ideal for those types of events.

Rating: 4/5

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