Sep 20, 2013

Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup Porter Makes Return

Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup Porter label

Press Release

Karl Strauss Brewing Company is proud to announce the return of its cult-classic, Peanut Butter Cup Porter. The company first brewed Peanut Butter Cup Porter as its San Diego Beer Week release in 2012 and fans went wild for it, with all 80 kegs running out in less than 5 days. This year, the company decided to offer LA fans a sneak peak with a limited-release 40-barrel batch in time for LA Beer Week. With Karl Strauss experiencing 37% beer sales growth in Los Angeles, the company hopes to tide the region over until this beer can eventually be bottled.

“We’ve never seen a beer move as fast as this one did last year,” says Paul Segura, Brewmaster, Karl Strauss Brewing Company. “We know people were driving down from LA to get some of it, so we thought it would be cool to brew a limited amount just for or neighbors to the north.” Peanut Butter Cup Porter is brewed with a blend of chocolate malt, caramel malts, and all-natural peanut powder. Cocoa nibs are added for depth and rich chocolate flavor and warm fermented with an English ale yeast. The finished beer is complex with layers of roast, chocolate, and smooth peanut butter. “The demand for this beer definitely has us thinking about it as a future release in our Cask-inspired series,” says Segura.

Karl Strauss Brewing Company will be serving its Peanut Butter Cup Porter at select venues across Los Angeles, including the Barrel House in Ventura 101, Village Tavern in Atwater, and Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank. For more information about Karl Strauss’ events and beer, visit Share it. Cheers.

PB Porter – A peanut butter cup porter? Sounds crazy! Crazy delicious that is. This year’s San Diego Beer Week special release is an English-style Brown Porter brewed with peanut powder and cocoa nibs. The resulting brew is beer’s answer to the peanut butter cup – a medium-bodied porter with smooth layers of peanut butter and chocolate.

5.6% ABV
56 SRM
30 IBU

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