Aug 28, 2013

Shiner Oktoberfest

Ah, yes. It’s that time of year when pumpkin-based beers start arriving on shelves about a month or so too early. It’s also the season when one of my favorite Fall styles also starts to appear on store racks. The Märzen, or Oktoberfest, is ideal for the slightly cooler days of later Summer and the warmer days of early Autumn. Malty and yet refreshing, it’s a style of beer that goes well with just about any occasion.

Spoetzel Brewery’s Shiner Oktoberfest is just such a beer. Brewed with two-row barley, Munich and caramel malts the brew certainly has a solid backbone. Toss in German-grown Hallertau Tradition and Hersbucker hops and you have an approachable (5.7% SBV, 18 IBU) beer that has just the right flavor to match the season. I’m not sure that it will compete with some of my favorite examples of the genre, but it’s smooth character and easy drinking nature make it a natural to grab after raking (and jumping into) a few piles of leaves.


Shiner Oktoberfest pours golden amber in color with a large cap of tawny foam.

Shiner Oktoberfest photo


Grain, light toast, subtle stone fruits and soft caramel combine for a welcoming, simple aroma.


Hmmm… The nose on this beer was quite enticing, the flavors are a little on the subdued side. Grain, lightly toasted bread, caramel, light sweetness and a welcome touch of a balancing hop presence come together smoothly. There’s an easy drinking quality to the beer as it’s active carbonation refreshes. Shiner Oktoberfest has a fairly unassuming flavor profile that neither offends nor challenges the palate.


I would have liked the flavors of this beer to match the inviting aroma a bit more, but as it stands Shiner Oktoberfest is still a quality brew. It’s got a very approachable character that drinks well and refreshes nicely.

Rating: 3.5/5

This is a review of a promotional sample from the brewery.

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