Sep 16, 2014

DuClaw Brewing Funk

I know the label tells me that DuClaw Brewing’s Funk is a “blueberry citrus ale,” but with a name like funk I was expecting (and perhaps hoping for) something, well, funky. That’s not what have here with this brew. What’s we’ve got is something akin to drinking semi-sweet blueberry juice with a touch of wheat and lemony citrus. Funk is a beer that I really shouldn’t like based on my own preferences, but I actually quite enjoyed it.

Brewed with blueberries and meyer lemons, Funk is a 5% ABV Summery treat that is far different than anything else you probably tried in the wheat ale realm this year. It’s not funky in the least, but it does bring a unique array of flavors and a solid bit of refreshment.

DuClaw Brewing Funk photo


The brew pours a slightly hazy golden amber in color with a persistent cap of white foam and plenty of bubble activity as seen in the tweet below.


Plenty of wheat, a light lemony character and soft, earthy blueberries in the distance combine for a subtle, but pleasing aroma.


Well, the lack of blueberry in the nose is certainly made up in the flavor. It arrives in a surge of wheat, berries, lemon citrus and grapefruit before fading slowly to a lingering finish. There’s a small bit of hop bitterness here as well that views your attention. Overall, the brew is crisp and refreshing.


To state it simply, Funk is like a berry punch in the mouth. The aroma masks just how much blueberry actually hits the tongue. The flavors here are an interesting mix that is sure to separate it from the vast amount of other wheat beers and it’s actually not half bad.

Rating: 3.5/5

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