May 12, 2017

DuClaw Obol Oat Wine

Through the many years that I have been enjoying micro- and craft brews, I don’t believe I’ve ever come across an oat wine previously. Yes, I’ve had countless barley wines and some excellent wheat wines, but DuClaw’s Obol may be a first for me. This 9% ABV brew is essentially a barley wine brewed with a grain bill that consists of a large portion of oats. Now, to what percentage that amount takes up, I have no idea, but I do know that I love the velvety mouthfeel this big beer has.

As one would imagine, Obol is a very bready and sweet beer. It’s not cloying by any means, but it’s much sweeter than your typical American barley wine, though a light measure of hop bitterness is present. There’s a nice bit of raisin and caramel in the mix, as well, that adds a nice layer of depth to the warming oat wine. An earthy character persists from start to finish providing a rustic trait that I particularly enjoyed.

I can’t say for certain if oat wine should be a thing or if this is just a variation on your traditional barley wine. I do know that Obol is pretty darn good and would make for an interesting beer to cellar for a bit. The beer hasn’t been seen on shelves since I purchased and reviewed this bottle back in early March, but if I ever see it again, you can be certain that I’ll grab a couple of bottles for a little aging experimentation.