Nov 6, 2014

Flying Dog 2014 Secret Stash Harvest Ale

This the fourth year that I have been able to sample Flying Dog Brewing Secret Stash Harvest Ale. Each year the company sources local ingredients to create a unique, one-off brew. In past iterations of the series, we’ve been treated to ingredients like sweet corn, potatoes and locally grown hops. Styles have varied from Saison-like to pale ale. This time around, the use of winter wheat and a German ale yeast strain give the brew a distinct Hefeweisen presence.

The soft character of the wheat and the estery yeast notes of that yeast give Secret Stash Harvest Ale an authentic Hefe-like banana presence. The locally grown Cascade hops bring it all back to U.S. shores with an earthy, leafy character and moderate amount of refreshing bite at 40 IBU.


A smallish cap of white foam drops relatively quickly atop the lightly hazy, golden brew. I have a feeling, though, that the head retention issue may be do to a glass that wasn’t the cleanest.

Flying Doc 2014 Secret Stash Harvest Ale


A smooth wheat aroma dominates as cereal, lemony citrus, light banana and distant yeast follow along.


The banana-like Hefeweisen character definitely shines through right from the start. Soft wheat and grain support the fruity yeast, light citrus notes and leafy, herbal hop flavors. A light amount of sweetness is joined by a welcome tingle of bitterness as the medium bodied brew glides nicely over the palate.


Much like the previous releases in the Secret Stash line of brews, the 2014 version has an earthy character that compliments the rest of the flavor elements. I’m not the biggest fan of Hefeweisens, but this one is pretty solid — mostly due to that earthy trait. It’s smooth drinking and refreshing.

Rating: 3.75/5

This is a review of a promotional sample.