Jul 23, 2014

Flying Dog Brewing Pearl Necklace and CAO Mx2 Pairing

Today we have the third of four beer and cigar pairings courtesy Flying Dog Brewing and CAO Cigars (first pairing and second here). I’ve enjoyed Flying Dog’s Pearl Necklace in the past, but this is my first experience with CAO’s Mx2 — a cigar that visually looks right up my alley.

The cigar has the darkest outer wrap of the four selections and just looks full-flavored. Without even lighting the Mx2, it’s got a rich, woody and robust aroma. Once lit, the thing smokes wonderfully with a dense, slow draw and roasty, woody flavors to compliment an overall deep character. Of the three in the pairing promotion that I’ve had so far, this one feels to be the most densely and tightly wrapped.

Flying Dog Brewing Pearl Necklace and CAO Mx2 Pairing

When enjoyed together, the Mx2 brings out more roasty notes from the dry stout while the beer mellows out the already smooth nature of the cigar. This is a very fluid pairing as neither really draws out nor masks too much of the other — both compliment one another quite well. If anything, the subtle vanilla notes of the stout may have been lost, but that’s a minor nit. Overall, the combination has a rich and rather decadent feel that I thoroughly enjoyed.

This is the type of cigar and beer pairing that I typically set up. Stout? Check. Big cigar? Check. That’s a win-win in my book. Again, my only complaint with a cigar/beer pairing — and it’s a silly one — is that the beer usually runs out long before the cigar has reached its end. Either that, or I was just really thirsty.

This is a review of a promotional sample.

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