Aug 28, 2014

Heritage Brewing American Expedition

Just about every brewery I’ve ever encountered has some sort of seasonal rotation — something malty and big for Winter, something light and refreshing for warmer months and so on. As with their cold weather themed Battle of White Marsh, Manassas’ Heritage Brewing also has their Summer seasonal in American Expedition.

This 4.5% ABV wheat ale is brewed with farmer’s honey and ginger. It’s light bodied, refreshing and has flavors that echo the season appropriately. And while I believe that the White Marsh could be enjoyed any time of year, this particular, near-sessionable brew owns the Summer.


American Expedition pours a hazy straw yellow in color with a dense cap of white foam.

Heritage Brewing American Expedition photo


Grain, soft wheat, earthy honey and a hint of ginger come together for an inviting and clean aroma.


The flavors follow the nose pretty well, but with a more pronounced ginger character on the tongue. The honey notes step back a touch — shining nicely in the lingering finish — to allow the ginger to come through more. The root’s presence is more up front, but not in a soda-like fashion. The brew is soft, refreshing and lightly flavored as hints of citrus and a twinge of bitterness make a playful appearance.


American Expedition captures Summer in a bottle with a light, refreshing nature. I’m not huge on wheat-based beers personally, but that didn’t stop me from draining the above pictured growler on a warm June weekend.

Rating: 3.75/5

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