Jul 28, 2014

Left Hand Brewing Smoke Jumper

I like a good smoked porter, whether that be of the standard variety or one aged in rye whiskey barrels. There’s just something about he combination of a solid porter and a smokey char that really gets me excited. So, when I finally came across a bottle of Left Hand Brewing’s Smoke Jumper, an 8.8% ABV smoked Imperial Porter, it was a no-brainer to pick up a few.

It’s not often that you hear of a brewer smoking their own malts, but that’s just what Left Hand has done for this brew. What wood was used in the process, I do not know, but the smooth, smokey character of this brew tells me that the brewery has had some time to practice this craft. There’s a definite smokey char present throughout the life of the beer, but it’s not overwhelming with any sort of acrid bitterness that can come with too much smoke.

Left Hand Brewing Smoke Jumper photo


Smoke Jumper pours a near opaque black in color with a cap of creamy, light brown foam.


There’s a solid smokey char that dominates the aroma, but it’s not what I would call potent. There’s a smoothness to the smoke with hints of tobacco, chocolate, grain and a subtle meaty character.


There’s a meatier and smokier character to the flavor than the nose let on. It’s still not too strong and delivers with an incredible smoothness. Lingering smoke and alcohol warmth last a good long while in the drying finish. The smoke character isn’t abrasive or astringent as hints of cocoa and tobacco, as well, as a light malt sweetness persist throughout.


I really liked Smoke Jumper a ton. It packs a solid smokey character, but is just ridiculously smooth in delivering a rich, full-bodied drinking experience.

Rating: 4.25/5

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