Dec 10, 2014

Oskar Blues Old Chub Nitro

I first encountered Oskar Blues Old Chub in 2008 (and have had it a handful of times since), but it never really caught my attention as some of their other beers had during that time. With the company’s recent introduction of nitro versions of a few of their products, I had seen Old Chub Nitro on shelves before, but based on past experience decided to skip it — until I was encouraged otherwise by a friend at the office.

Well, Old Chub Nitro ain’t your mama’s Old chub. That’s for sure.

I’ve bemoaned nitro’s effect on beers in recent Twitter posts and in reviews on the site, but for all that the gas does to mute flavors, it creates an incredible beer here. Old Chub Nitro’s flavors may be slightly muted as a result of the gas influence, but holy Hell, is it a good thing. A velvety soft texture, mouth-filling body and smooth flavors combine for one of the better brews on nitro I’ve had in quite some time.


This beer looks amazing when poured properly as it sits with a solid cap of luxuriously creamy and dense foam atop the cola brown liquid.

Oskar Blues Old Chub Nitro photo


The aroma is fairly subdued overall, but do pick up caramel, grain and bready malts.


This beer arrives incredibly smooth as waves of peaty malt, caramel, bread and a smooth toast wash over the tongue. The beer is full bodied with a thick, chewy mouthfeel. A lingering hint of hop bitterness sticks around for a little while after each sip.


I wasn’t all that impressed by the standard Old Chub, but for the life of me cannot stop drinking Old Chub Nitro. it’s been in constant rotation in the fridge since it was first suggested to me back in September.

Rating: 4.25/5

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