Nov 11, 2014

Sierra Nevada Tater Ridge

Not only is Tater Ridge tasty, but it’s also got the best name of any of the beers to be found in Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America variety pack. This 7% ABV (35 IBU) Scotch Ale was brewed in collaboration with members of the Asheville Brewers Alliance — led by John Stuart of Green Man Brewery and Luke Dickinson of Wicked Weed Brewing.

I’m sure that you have guessed that, as evident by the beer’s moniker, that this one is brewed with potatoes — sweet potatoes to be exact. The presence of the tuberous root vegetable certainly has an impact on the beer’s flavor, giving Tater Ridge an earthy character that suits it’s rich, peaty malt base wonderfully.


Tater Ridge pours a mahogany in color with a large stack of rocky, beige foam.

Sierra Nevada Tater Ridge photo


Overall, the brew has an earthy character with elements of grain, peaty malt, bread and light grassy hops. I didn’t pick up a whole lot of potato on the nose.


For all its hiding in the aroma, the sweet potato definitely shows up here. It’s strong without overpowering the tastebuds or the rest of the flavors to be found. Grain, caramel, bready malt and grassy, lightly piny hops fill the mouth smoothly. This is a well balanced, refreshing and surprisingly easy drinking brew. It’s got a manageable, medium body that suits the flavors well and the alcohol is no where to be found.


Tater Ridge was one of the more unique brews to show up in the Beer Camp Across America mixed pack. The sweet potato and scotch ale combination actually worked quite well as the earthy brew didn’t last long in my glass at all. I could see this one filling up the mini-fridge during the colder months.

Rating: 3.75/5

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