Dec 12, 2014

Terrapin Brewing Rye Cubed

I’m not entirely sure when I purchased this bottle of Terrapin’s Rye Cubed, or from which shop, but according to my notes I thoroughly enjoyed it late September. I’ve purchased the company’s Rye Squared numerous times throughout the year, but this was the first time I remember ever seeing this “cubed” version of the beer, or as the brewery labels it, “triple rye IPA.”

Rye Cubed may be triple the base recipe, but it’s not an over-the-top monster of a beer. Sure, it weighs in at 10.7% ABV, but the brew drinks incredibly smoothly as spicy rye combine with plenty of citrusy hop notes and a decent amount of sweetness. The beer just seems to glide effortlessly over the palate and disappears far too quickly, and dangerously so.


Pouring a rich, dark amber in color, a large stack of khaki foam falls slowly, leaving behind light lacing.

Terrapin Brewing Rye Cubed photo


Grapefruit, pine, a good amount of spicy rye, caramel, soft sweetness and a touch of booze fill the nose wonderfully.


While the aroma carried a solid bit of rye, it’s more prevalent here as it’s joined by rich malt, pine resin, grapefruit, hint of orange, a moderate sweetness and caramel. The brew washes over the tongue smoothly with each swallow, leading to a comforting, warming finish. Nicely potent and surprisingly well balanced.


Rye Cubed is a tasty, tasty brew. It’s got loads of flavor from start to finish, as well as a deceptively smooth nature despite its potency. I’m a big fan of rye-infused IPAs and this is another one that will go on the list for future purchases.

Rating: 4/5

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