Dec 21, 2015

Alewerks Secret Admirer

Williamsburg Alewerks already makes one of my favorite double IPA from any Virginia brewery in their Bitter Valentine. And now, we’ve got another, full flavored double IPA from the company in the form of Secret Admirer. And while the former was packed with tropical fruitiness, this new 8% ABV offering takes on a bit of an earthier character.

Secret Admirer still has plenty of citrus fruit within its amber depths, but it’s not quite as dynamic as its counterpart. The earthiness that drives this particular brew, however, is a trait that I can still get behind whole heartedly. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of the company’s big IPAs — both bring a great flavor and hop-forward nature.


The beer pours a slightly hazy amber with a dense, frothy cap of tawny foam.

Alewerks Secret Admirer photo


Leafy hops, grapefruit (lots of it), lemon zest, light tangerine notes and distant white pepper.


Secret Admirer is earthy first, fruity second — and all tasty. Earthy, leafy hops wash over the tongue, quickly followed by grapefruit, soft tangerine, a hint of honey and a peppery tingle. The moderate hop bitterness fades slowly to a lasting finish that carries a bit of malt sweetness.


While Bitter Valentine is my favorite of this duo, Secret Admirer is still an outstanding double IPA. This brew leans toward the earthier side of the hop spectrum and I can dig it. Alewerks is slowly taking over the Virginia double/imperial IPA crown with big beers like this.

Rating: 4/5

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