May 9, 2019

Monday Night Space Lettuce

While I can get behind some of the more modern attempts at a double IPA, most don’t quite hit the mark for my personal tastes. They are either too fruity, not nearly bitter enough or lack the pungency of the DIPAs that appeared early on in this craft adventure. Atlanta’s Monday Night Brewing have one in Space Lettuce (8.1% ABV, 70 IBU) that comes pretty damn close to ticking all of those checkboxes (all while sporting a cosmic bow tie).

Space Lettuce isn’t the most pungent double IPA I’ve ever crossed paths with, but it does pack in a good bit of dank cattiness, resinous pine, grapefruit, leafy hop notes, orange peel and distant tropical fruitiness. I suppose three separate dry hopping cycles using a variety of Citra, Mosaic, Ekuanot, Simcoe, Mandarina Bavaria, and Columbus hops would be plenty to produce the delicious flavors here – not to mention a good amount of bitterness. The hop bite doesn’t overwhelm the palate and lasts a good long while in the softly warming finish.

This experience is what a modern double IPA should present. It’s supposed to be potent and dank and hit in you the mouth hole with some alpha acid goodness. Space Lettuce accomplishes all three with just the right amount of drinkability. It’s not a hop bomb by any means which allowed both of the promotional samples I received to disappear with an alarming quickness.

I’ve been following Monday Night Brewing on Twitter since they were brewing out of their garages. It’s great to finally have the opportunity to sample their wares and, as far as beery introductions go, this one was a treat.

This is a review of a promotional sample.