Feb 11, 2015

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rareties Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout

I’ve never had a Mexican hot chocolate before, but from what Stone Brewing and Maryland’s Flying Dog have told me, it sounds pretty good. But while Xocoveza was rich and chocolatey, this bottle of Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout is more earthy and dry.

The 5.7% ABV stout is brewed with lactose, cinnamon, Serrano chiles and cocoa powder — the combination of which takes some time to fully open up. I found out quickly that this beer needed some time in the glass (served around 53°) as the first couple of sips were pretty darn muted. It wasn’t until the beer had warmed a touch before the cocoa, latent chile spice and a nice earthy roast started to come through.


A short-live cap of rocky brown foam falls to a thin crown around the edge of the near-opaque brew.

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rareties Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout photo


Pretty subtle at first, but as it warms hints of cocoa, roast coffee and an earthy pepper note all start to come out more.


Again, initially this beer didn’t have much to offer, but after it’s had a chance to come up a few degrees in temperature, it’s much more enjoyable. Earthy, roast malt leads the way with a good amount of cocoa and the Serrano chile lingering for a good long while after each sip. It’s not a “spicy” beer, but there is a noticeable pepper presence. It’s not an overly sweet brew, which I prefer and it’s got a wonderfully earthy character that I particular enjoy. The beer finishes dry.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout is a little rough around the edges — in a good way. The roast malt and earth tones combine well with the peppery hint of heat, but only after the beer has had a chance to warm a bit. It’s not as refined a beer as many of the brewery’s other products, but I think that works just fine here. If you like stouts and are perhaps bored of the standard stuff you’ve been drinking, this brew serves as a nice change of pace.

Rating: 3.75/5

This is a review of a promotional sample.

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