Mar 13, 2015

Flying Dog Brewing Supertramp

This particular release from Maryland’s Flying Dog may share its moniker with a certain British band, but there’s nothing fully logical (or sensible) about its presentation. Uh… yeah, that wasn’t a forced comparison… anyway…

Supertramp is a 4.7% ABV and 13 IBU wheat ale that just so happens to have a blend of sweet and tart cherries added during its fermentation. Some would classify this as a Belgian-style ale, but with a German ale yeast in use, it’s more akin to a weissbier than anything from the home of Chimay or Rochefort.

And don’t let the “tart” part of this beer’s description intimidate you, it’s not really all that tart — at least not in the vein of the boom of sours in the country. What you’ve got here is a fairly easy drinking and smooth brew with a tease of cherry tartness that lingers gently toward the back end of each swallow. It’s enough to get your attention, but not enough to, say, rock out to… Ugh, I did it again, didn’t I?


It’s tough to see it in the photos here, but Supertramp pours with a bit of a pinkish edge, as well as the stack of beige foam shown.

Flying Dog Brewing Supertramp photo


Wheat, grain, yeast, soft cherry fruit notes and an overall drying character leave behind a champagne-like impression on the nose.


The wheat and yeast lead the way for smooth cherry flavors, a light sweetness and late forming touch of tartness. The beer is super smooth as it washes over the tongue. The carbonation isn’t as active as expected (a good thing) and the tartness lingers for a good long while in the lasting, lightly drying finish. Overall, Supertramp has a refreshing quality.


The soft cherry flavors and light-to-moderate tartness makes for a beer that is refreshing and, given the lower alcohol content, darn near quaffable. This is the type of beer to drink while ringing in the arrival of Spring. It’s lighter body and smooth, playful flavors make for a beer that likes to tease while it goes down.

Rating: 3.75/5

This is a review of a promotional sample.

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