Aug 11, 2015

Green Flash Mosaic Session IPA

I hate the term “session IPA” and have bemoaned it enough already on this site to go any further into the label with this single-hop offering from Green Flash — Mosaic Session IPA. So, we’ll focus more on the hop variety and its impact here rather than continuing to further explore the over-use of “session” in beer naming.

Breweries have been doing some interesting explorations with the Mosaic hop the past five years or so. It’s introduction into the market has seen single-hop experiments like this 4.5% ABV IPA. It’s been used in dry hopping, imperialized and I’m sure stuffed to the brim within your local Randall. And for the most part, every time I’ve encountered a beer that has employed the hop to fully, I’ve enjoyed the result. And that’s true with Green Flash’s offering, as well.

Mosaic Session IPA — part of the Green Flash Hop Odyssey line of limited releases — when compared a predecessor Karl Strauss Mosaic, is less fruit-forward, focusing instead on an earthier presentation. It’s flavor profile is one that is leafier and, for lack of a better word, natural. And at 65 IBU, it packs a bit more punch in the bitterness realm.


A resilient cap of off-white foam rests atop the brilliant golden amber brew.

Green Flash Mosaic Session IPA photo


The nose is quite earthy and leafy with lemon zest, grapefruit, pine and a light touch of cattiness in the background.


Pine, grapefruit, a hint of lemon and grain arrive smoothly while that hint of cattiness lingers on the backend. Overall, the flavor is earthy and leafy. A solid amount of hop bitterness grabs the tongue and holds on for a good long while as the beer leaves a lasting impression in the finish.


Green Flash Mosaic Session IPA is a decent little brew. I like the earthy character the beer has, but when based on other releases that have focused on the Mosaic hop variety, it lacks that tropical fruitiness typically found. That’s not a huge detractor, but when encountering the hop, that’s sort of what I look forward to the most. That said, I did thoroughly enjoy the beer and will continue to explore more of the company’s Hop Odyssey series.

Rating: 3.75/5

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