Jan 28, 2015

Lancaster Brewing Winter Warmer

I’ve reviewed a few products from Lancaster Brewing over the years, but none of their products particularly struck me in the way that many others have — they were also met with a “meh” reaction. The company’s 8.9% ABV Winter Warmer on the other hand is a bit more memorable.

This big, malty brew is one of the more faithful-to-style examples of the genre that I’ve had in a while. It’s got a rich, strong malt backbone with everything you want to keep you nourished and warm during the cold months. A blend of American and British hops help bring a balance to the malt-driven brew with just enough of a bitterness (21 IBU) to even everything out.


A sticky crown of beige foam sits defiantly atop the dark, cola brown brew.

Lancaster Brewing Winter Warmer photo


Bready malt, grain, light caramel and a soft roast combine for a fairly subdue aroma.


Thankfully there’s more going on here than in the nose. Distant dark fruits, caramel, breads and a moderate-to-high level of sweetness lead the way as softly biting hops arrive late to temper the richness. An appropriate level of warmth glows softly as the medium bodied brew fades slowly through the lasting finish.


Winter Warmer is a decent brew. It’s rich and malt with a good bit of warmth. I mean, what more could you really ask for in a beer of this style, especially when the windchill dips into single digits.

Rating: 3.75/5

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